This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

Exporting Simatic Step7 program blocks

The following blocks are required for the program:

Name Block Function
OB_Cycle OB_Cycle.AWL Organization of function blocks
FC_Org_Functions FC1.AWL
FC_ASI_CopyInputs FC2.AWL
FB_Sequence FB_Sequence.AWL
FB_Insert FB_Insert.AWL Controls the separator and checks the contents of the magazine
FB_Move FB_Move.AWL Controls the X/Y-axes and the gripper
FB_Inspect FB_Inspect.AWL Controls the workpiece position check
Symbol table Symboltable.sdf
FB_Errors FB_Errors.AWL Function block for error messages
FR_Errors_Dec FR_Errors_Dec.AWL Fragment for error messages
FR_Errors_NW FR_Errors_NW.AEL Fragment for error messages
FR_SymbolsGeneral FR_SymbolsGeneral.SDF Fragment for symbol table
FR_SymbolTable FR_SymbolTable.SDF Fragment for symbol table

These blocks can be found in the zip file Tutorial_Step7.ZIP in the folder EC_Installationfolder\install\Tutorial\Step7.

The block files must be unzipped in the folder EC_Installationfolder\resources\Tutorial\Step7.