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3D view: Basics and functionalities

The 3D viewThe 3D view is a separate display area in EPLAN Smart Wiring. This is always visible when 3D information is available in the loaded project. is a separate display area in EPLAN Smart Wiring. It is always visible when 3D mounting data is available in the project. This is the case when you have opened or continue an EPLAN project of the type *.EPDZ. The 3D view is displayed on the right next to the connection list and provides an insight into the mounting layout and the routing connections of the selected layout space.

Partial views in the 3D view

The 3D view is subdivided into the following partial views:


Which partial view is arranged where in the 3D view, is shown in the Figure in the section "Buttons and display elements". Just click or tap the individual areas in the graphic.

Main view

Depending on whether a layout space, an enclosure in the layout space or a mounting site within an enclosure is selected and which zoom level you have set, the main view shows a detailed view of the respective mounting layout, the routed connections and the respective connection situation at the source and target items. At the source and target items you can also call up information about the associated device tag. It is also possible to have the routing track specified in the project of each routing track specified in the project.


The overview shows the entire layout space in a compact form. This way you can also see when working in the zoom or the enlargement in which area of the enclosure or the enclosure line up you currently are.

Clipping layer view

EPLAN Smart Wiring offers the possibility to also visualize hidden electrical and mechanical items in the mounting layout. For this purpose a visible depth layer in Z direction can be defined in the layout space - the so called "clipping layer". Which clipping layer you have currently set is shown in the "Clipping layerVisible depth layer to visualize hidden electrical and mechanical items in the mounting layout of the main view. view". This partial view shows the mounting layout in the layout space (in relation to the standard view) from above, whereby the clipping layer is represented by a movable red line.All electrical and mechanical items of the mounting layout as well as the routing connections, which are below the red line, are hidden by EPLAN Smart Wiring in the main view. This allows a view on the covered objects.

Buttons and display elements

Within the main view, various buttons and display elements are available to you for orientation in the layout space and for optimum visualization of items and routing connections. Click or tap these user interface elements in the graphic below to obtain short information about the individual functionalities.


Changing the 3D View of the Layout Space

General requirements

  • You have opened or continued a project of the *.EPDZ type.
  • You have selected a layout space or an enclosure within the layout space. Or you have selected a mounting site within the enclosure.
  • In the 3D view the corresponding mounting layout is displayed in the layout space.

Changing layout spaces

If you have opened or continued your project of the *.EPDZ type, that includes multiple layout spaces, this is signaled through white arrows in the red field at the lower edge of the 3D view.

By clicking or tapping the arrows, you can switch the layout space and call up the corresponding mounting layout and the associated connection list.


Clipping layer view

Main view

Transparency mode

Freezing / unfreezing viewing angle

Object selection possible / not possible

Rotate viewing angle

Mode "Clipping layer"

Moving the view of the mounting layout

Black background

White background

Zoom view.

Zooming view

Changing viewpoint (in 90° steps)

Full-screen mode