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Variants of project editing

Different variants of the project editing within one manufacturing team are possible due to the client-server architecture of EPLAN Smart Wiring, the storage of the project data in the central working directory and the creation of project instances:

  • With different finishers you can edit different project instances of one and the same project file.
  • You can continue the work on already initiated but not yet completely edited project instances.
  • You can edit one and the same project instance simultaneously with multiple finishers.

Working with different project instances of one and the same project file

If you, for example, have received the order as a manufacturing team to install connections of multiple identical enclosures in series, each of you loads the same project file via the menu items Project > Open project and by this method edits each created project instance.

Continuing editing of project instances

In relation to all persons in the manufacturing team the last status of the recently edited project instance is saved when closing the application or switching to another project. If you want to access these saved states to finish "your" project or that of a colleague (for example when you work in shifts) the Project > Continue project menu items are available to you.

Working with one and the same project instance (simultaneous operation)

If connections of enclosure bayings have to be installed, whereby a project to be edited can contain several layout spaces or several enclosures in one layout space or if connections of several mounting panels have to be installed within one enclosure, a colleague of your manufacturing team - subject to prior consent - selects the menu items Project > Open project. All others simultaneously join the project via the menu items Project > Continue project by selecting the same project instance for editing.

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