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Project Builder: Basics

In the Project Builder you apply the Configurators that were defined in the Designer. Depending on the Configurator and the set of rules on which it based you generate the project documentation for different product variants in just a few steps.

The configurators support you during the selection of values in pre-defined lists, check boxes or parameters to be filled. Subsequently you generate your project with a click.

Apply configurator

  1. Specify the target project.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Select a project which you have already opened in the EPLAN Platform.
    • Create a new target project. Define the following properties for your new target project: Template, storage location and project name.

    You also have the possibility to specify whether you want to overwrite an existing project or not.

  3. Select the configurator that you want to use to generate the project documentation.
  4. Consecutively configure the Macro-Typicals or Typical-Groups.
  5. Select one of the following options:
    • Enter values for the configuration variables. The values of the referenced macro variables are replaced by the values of the configuration variables during the generation of the project documentation.
    • Specify whether macros are to be considered when the project documentation is generated. To this purpose activate or deactivate the check box of the corresponding macro. All the macros at which you have activated the check box are considered during generation.
    • Enter the desired structure identifiers for the macros. After the project documentation has been generated, the structure identifiers are available in the page navigator of the EPLAN platform.
  6. Click Generate.
  7. The configurator is applied and your project documentation is generated.

After you have configured all the Macro-Typicals and have generated the corresponding parts of the project, you can view the complete project documentation in the EPLAN platform. If necessary, you can then edit the project documentation as usual.


  • You have to enter a value at all the variables that begin with an *. Otherwise generation of the project documentation cannot be carried out.
  • All the elements whose usage has already been specified in the Designer are not displayed.
  • All the variable values are stored for the specified target project. If the configurator on which your configuration is based changes, you have to repeat the configuration.

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