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Adding a database to the DB server configuration

The DB server offers client requests only to databases that are entered in the configuration. Take the following steps to add a database to the DB server configuration:

  1. Copy or move the directory of the desired database (e.g., \db) to the databases folder below the installation folder of the DB server program, e.g.,
  2. c:\program files\dbserver\fastobjects\databases.


    When copying is used, the current version remains in the original folder. In the next steps, the configuration of the DB server is set up on the database in the databases folder. Changes to the database of the DB server do not affect the original DB. The choice of database used by the EEC is determined by the connectionURL of the EEC and, perhaps, the configuration of the DB server.

  3. Open the file ptserver.cfg in an editor (e.g., Notepad).
  4. Add a new paragraph. This one starts with [databases\<name of database>].
  5. The name of the database will be entered in the DB URL later on. Choose a suitable name here, the easiest would be db, for example.

    The DB URL consists of log, host name and database name (example: fastobjects://hostname/database name) see also Java Virtual Machine Arguments (VMArgs).

  6. Below the new paragraph, insert the following line:
  7. name=<path to database>

    As <path to database>, the absolute path to the database folder copied or moved in Step 1 must be entered. Alternatively, the relative path to the position of FastObjectsServer.exe can be entered as well. When using the relative path, pay attention to the notes on Setting up a FastObjects database server as service.

  8. Enter the following line:



\plugins\ (x.y.z = latest version)

For further information on the port configuration, see the chapter Java Virtual Machine Arguments (VMArgs).


The schema must be copied again to the server after each update to the plug-in.

Checking the function:

After the start of the FastObjects server, the symbol appears in the taskbar.