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Updating a model

It may be necessary to update a model if EEC has been updated, or if model data of an older EEC version have been imported into a newly created database.

If the model data have been imported via the wizard, the model update is done right after. This option can be disabled in the wizard using the check box Update Model.

The model data are updated by means of the administration tool.

  1. When updating a model on a server, the check box Client-Server Installation must be enabled.
  2. The host must be the available server in the corresponding notation.
  3. Upon entry of the host name and / or port number, their availability will be checked immediately. If the port number is entered slowly, the availability check will be carried out character by character, which may cause a delay. Using [F5], the availability check can be executed on the entire entry, thus accelerating the process.

  4. The name of the database must be entered in the Database name field.
  5. The update of the model is started via [Update model].

In the Message Protocol view, the individual steps of the update are logged (see the screenshot below).

When the entry Model is up to date is reached, the update of the model is complete.