This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

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Administration tool for the database

For managing the FastObjects database, the administration tool ec_admin.exe is started (see figure below). The administration tool runs independently of EEC.

A new, empty database is created via the [Create Database] (1) button, while the [Remove Database] (2) button is used to delete the database with the name shown in the Databasename field.

Since a new database is created without model data, a wizard opens for importing and updating models.

If the wizard is aborted without importing a model, the import can be triggered afterwards using the [XML Import] (3) button. After import without a wizard, the model will not be updated automatically; this can be triggered via the [Update Model] (4) button.


The administration tool only provides the functions and thus also only the buttons that are useful at any given time, for example, the [Remove Database] button is disabled if the database in question is not available.