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Status indication for Worker

The state of each Worker is indicated by means of symbols in the list of workers. The state is queried and the display is updated by the Job Server in regular time intervals.

Symbol Meaning
The Worker is not available, for example the connection is lost or the Worker stopped. If the connection ended due to a timeout, the Job Server tries to contact the Worker again for three times with a one-second pause. After the third failed connection attempt, the Worker is indicated as not available.
The Worker is started and waiting for jobs.
The Worker is working on one or more jobs.
The Worker is working on one or more jobs and has no other free slots. This means, that the Worker cannot accept any further jobs, but the operation is not disrupted.
The Worker is working on one or more jobs, but the connection to the Job Server is lost. The Worker is waiting for a connection after processing the job, to transmit the generated data.

If a Worker is unable to connect to the Job Server, then he waits until the Job Server is reachable again.

The progress display indicates this state by a plain text message:

The processing is completed after a successful connection. If the Worker is stopped, he tries to transmit the states of the completed jobs to the Job Server after the next start.