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Replace parameters

Replace parameters are used to replace, resp. insert parts of code whilst creating. The opening and closing tokens are specified in the text discipline configuration resp. in the user configurations for the PLC disciplines (e.g. opening token = ā€žM8B_ā€œ closing token = ā€ž_M8Eā€œ). The tokens must be defined in a way, that no conflicts with existing names in the text, which is to generate, appear (e.g. < as the opening token in XML documents). The text between the tokens appears in the interface as parameter. The parameter for the PLC disciplines is declared by the variable type REPLACE.

When the code is imported into a new discipline component to be created, the name of the Replace parameter is read out and a parameter with the same name is created that is allocated to the discipline component. Optionally, in addition to the name, also the type and the default value can be defined.

If no default value is set for the created parameter of the action component (through the corresponding pool parameter or through the specification of a value within the resource), a reference is placed by default to the parameter of the same name in the discipline-superordinate component. Since this is a default value, it can be overwritten as usual in the library component or in the instances.