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The element <img> inserts a picture.

The image can be referenced as external or internal resource. Similarly, references to image registers can be used to display different images depending on the object type (class or instance object).


Path specifications to external picture files are evaluated like formulas, which is why they have to be enclosed in single quotation marks. Allowable paths specifications are:

<img src="'T:/image.png'">
<img src="='T:/image.png'">
<img src="'images/image.png'">
<img src="='images/image.png'">
<img src="'T:\\image.png'">
<img src="='T:\\image.png'">
<img src="'images\\image.png'">
<img src="='images\\image.png'">

Servers cannot be referenced by, for example, <img src="'//SRV01.MyDomain.local/images/image.png'">.

Attribute name Usage Attribute values Default value Description
src required absolute or relative path absolute or relative path to an external image, starting from the installation directory or path to the image object of the internal image
tooltip optional Text or Form-UI of the overlaying tooltip (see tooltip)
visible optional true,false true true = image is visible
true = image is invisible
Allowed sub-elements Quantity
tooltip 0..1

Image objects can be manipulated by methods. These methods can be combined.

Method Example Example code
disable <img src="type('Documentation_UI_Configuration.ProjectLibrary.HelpObjects.Images.delta_abc').image.disable"/>
flipH <imgsrc="type('Documentation_UI_Configuration.ProjectLibrary.HelpObjects.Images.delta_abc').image.flipH"/>
flipV <imgsrc="type('Documentation_UI_Configuration.ProjectLibrary.HelpObjects.Images.delta_abc').image.flipV"/>
rotate180 <imgsrc="type('Documentation_UI_Configuration.ProjectLibrary.HelpObjects.Images.delta_abc').image.rotate180"/>
rotate270 <imgsrc="type('Documentation_UI_Configuration.ProjectLibrary.HelpObjects.Images.delta_abc').image.rotate270"/>
rotate90 <imgsrc="type('Documentation_UI_Configuration.ProjectLibrary.HelpObjects.Images.delta_abc').image.rotate90"/>
scale <imgsrc="type('Documentation_UI_Configuration.ProjectLibrary.HelpObjects.Images.delta_abc').image.scale(2)"/>


For new Form-UIs should only references on image objects be used.

Specification of an absolute path to an external picture file:


Relative path to an external image file:


Reference on an internalized image file (see also image):


Reference on an image register to display the image of a class object (see also image):


Reference on an image register to display the image of an instance object (see also image):