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A <tab> element corresponds to a tab in which a Form-UI is displayed. Each tab displays a title in its title bar to distinguish it from other tabs.

A tab can be inserted statically under the <tabbedPane> element or generically via the <loop> element at runtime.

In order for an action to be performed when a tab is clicked, the <tabNotifications> element must be inserted (see tabNotifications).

The attributes can be calculated using a formula. The formulas are only calculated the first time the Form-UI that contains the <tabbedPane> element is called. If, for example, the value of a tab’s title attribute changes while the tab is being displayed, the title of the tab is not updated.

Attribute name Usage Attribute values Default value Description
title required any Name of the tab
readonly optional true, false true = Tab is read-only.
false = Input fields on the tab can also be written to.
Allowed sub-elements Quantity
action any
browser any
group any
img any
include any
input any
instantiation any
label any
line any
loop any
mailto any
open any
progressBar any
pureTable any
switch any
tabbedPane any
table any
tabNotifications any
td any