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Extending the Job definition to save the result


Although a configuration could be generated in the first Job definition, these were not saved in the file systems. The existing configuration of the preceding section is to be extended so that a configuration is created on the basis of the EOX file Tutorial_JobServer.eox and is saved on c:\temp\.

To this purpose the IMX file T1_Project.imx is to be imported by means of the command Engineering.ImportIMXCommand.

Subsequently the command Engineering.ExportEOXCommand is executed in order to store the created configuration as a file Feeder.eox auf c:\temp\.

Proceed as follows to extend the existing Job definition:

  1. Create a copy of the existing Job definition jobdef1.jmx called jobdef2.jmx.
  2. Open the Job definition jobdef2.jmx with any editor, for example Notepad++.
  3. Change the name of the Job definition from <jobdefinition name="Job1" to <jobdefinition name="Job2".
  4. Insert the following line below the line <action name="Engineering.ImportIMXCommand" arguments="List{trigger.filePath}" />:
<action name="Engineering.ExportEOXCommand" arguments="List{'C:\\TEMP\\Feeder.eox',List{'Feeder'}}" />
  1. Save the Job definition.

The complete Job definition should have the following appearance:

  1. Move the Job definition jobdef1.jmx into the directory <Job Server installation path>\resources\JobServer\JMX.
  2. Continue with section Test 2 - Creating and storing a configuration.