This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

You are here: Tutorial > SIMATIC Step 7 > Task 1 - Creating the Step 7 program for Feeder > Adding Step 7 discipline to the mechatronic model > Importing T_Step7_Ui library into T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem > Creating SIMATIC STEP 7 discipline components > Create the Step7 unit

Create the Step7 unit

To organize the blocks for the Step7 discipline, begin by creating a unit. A unit structures the blocks along the same lines as folders in a file system.

Create the Step7 unit in the T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem library.

  1. Select the T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem library.
  2. Select New > Unit in the shortcut menu.
  3. Enter Step7 in the Name field.
  4. Save the unit ([Ctrl] + [S]).

The new STEP 7 unit is displayed parallel to the Mechatronic unit.