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General information on FastObjects

The JDO database of the company Versant (formerly Poet) is called FastObjects. We use the T7 version.

Database connections

The database connection is opened via a connectionURL. It has the following syntax: fastobjects://<host>/<name> (e.g. fastobjects://localhost/TestDB)

For an EEC installation, the database connection is specified via the ini file:<host>/<name>

The following is an explanation of the connection parameters host and name:


T7 can be operated in the LOCAL and Server mode:


Each database is based on a schema. Both the schema and the database are realized as folders in the file system. If a client connects to a database, the following references must be triggered:

The reference to the schema is stored permanently within the database when a new FastObjects database is generated, and cannot be modified.

Logical names are used for both references, so that databases and schemas can be moved easily. The schema is always called SnDbDictionary.

The following graphic illustrates the opening sequence of a database connection on the basis of an example:


During the runtime the database connection cannot be modified. To do this, it is generally necessary to shut down EEC, and then restart it with a new connectionURL (see above). It should be noted that at the start, the last visible pages will be re-generated automatically. This may require access to the database. If a DB has not been generated yet for the new connectionURL, an error message will appear at the start-up. If editors were still open at shut down, they will be opened again at the start. If the objects most recently edited are not available, this will be indicated in an error message in the editor.