This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

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Inserting via the context menu

Empty project:

Using the context menu of the empty project, the menu item Add > Mechatronic can be selected. Here, the possible levels are shown of the type with which a mechatronic component can be inserted. For example, in the Feeder Tutorial project, the Station level is defined. See figure:

The Finder for mechatronic components appears. This allows for the desired components to be found and inserted. Several components can be selected.

Inserting with given mechatronic structure:

If a mechatronic structure is already in place, the Mechatronic object represents the root of all mechatronic components. New mechatronic components are inserted via the context menu of the Mechatronic object.

The appropriate mechatronic component is selected in the context menu via the Add menu item:

The mechatronic components Finder opens; see the previous figure.