This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

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Placement of item on item

In order to place an item on an item MateMarker and MateMap are used combined.

The principle is shown using the example of a contactor with auxiliary contact block. The contactor is usually placed on a mounting rail and the auxiliary contact block on the contactor.

The following figure shows the desired result:

As the following figure shows, the contactor disposes of the usual mounting points, including the handle G1 with which the contactor is placed on the mounting rail. In this example a mounting point (AUX CONTACTS) at whose position the auxiliary contact is placed is to be added to the 3D macro.

The block for the auxiliary contacts is also equipped with the usual mounting points and the handle G1:

The contactor is created with the name GE100000 and the following parameters in the EEC modular system:

Name Value Standardized Type Declared in
EPN GE.100000 false PartNumber GE100000
Plug MountingRail false Plug GE100000
Socket GE.100000 false Socket GE100000
MateMarker GE.100000 false MateMarker GE100000

The auxiliary contact block is created with the name GE100994 and the following parameters:

Name Value Standardized Type Declared in
EPN GE.100994 false PartNumber GE100994
Plug GE.100000 false Plug GE100994
	Pair{'dest','GE.100000:AUX CONTACTS'},
false MateMap GE100994

The Plug parameter must have the same value as the Socket parameter of GE100000 in order to form the discipline structure correctly. The MateMap parameter contains a Map that connects the G1 handle with the AUX CONTACTS mounting point to the GE.100000 MateMarker.

From this EEC generates a discipline structure as in the following figure:

After the generation of the Pro Panel code and opening of Pro Panel the result conforms with the figure shown at the beginning.