This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

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This item is used to configure polygonal graphical objects. A more detailed definition is done in the sub-elements.


This figure is derived from figureContainer and inherits its properties.

Attribute name Usage Attribute values Default value Description
figure required com.mind8.graph2d.figure.container.Polygon
Allowed sub-elements Quantity
configuration 0 or 1
properties 0 or 1
property id="?" Values for read/write Description
bendpointsCount Initial number of bendpoints for a polygon.
bendpointsModifiable true, false Specifies, if the number of bendpoints can be modified.
true = additional bendpoints possible
true = number of bendpoints is fixed


Follow the sequence:

Within <figureBase>, <figureContainer>, <figureEllipse>, <figureImage>, <figureLabel> and <figurePolygon> first configure <configuration> and then <properties>.