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Graph2D diagram definitions are created in the XML language. The language consists of elements (tags) with nesting rules and of attributes with allowed assignments [20], which are described in the following chapters.

Each tag is enclosed in angle brackets < >. There must be an opening tag, for example <router> and a closing tag, for example </router>, except for elements that do not enclose a content or a sub-element. For elements with no content, resp. without sub-element is the opening tag also the closing, such as <read value="true"/>.

Attributes control the appearance and behavior of the element. They are listed within the tag, for example <read value="false" />.

The nesting rules are stored in the schema file (see chapter XML-Schema for GRAPH2D Definition Files). This determines the hierarchy of the elements and which sub-elements are allowed for an element.

The following figure, which can also be viewed as PDF file, provides all elements at-a-glance: