This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

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The <incomingFolder> tag defines the file folder (also possible as UNC path) into which the import data for the job to be executed with File Trigger are to be stored, for example \\myShare\jobserver\incoming.

If a repository folder is specified in the user specifications for the Job Server or in the initialization file (for example ec.ini), the path specification is evaluated relative to the repository folder. If no repository folder is agreed, an absolute path has to be specified (see de.eplan.eec.jobserver.worker.autostart and Preferences for the Job Server).

Attribute Usage Values Default value Description
value required Specification of the file to a folder (also possible as a UNC path). A relative path specification is possible if a path is specified for the repository folder in the user specifications or the initialization file.


Blocked files (for example DOCX files that are still being processed in an active Word process) are ignored until they are no longer blocked. Hidden files are ignored.