This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

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Specify subcomponents

The goal of a standardization process is often to standardize certain substructures, for example, so as to ensure that a Feeder component always contains an Insert function group. In this case, it is very complicated, and prone to errors, to integrate the Insert function group into each project manually every single time. Relevant dependencies, therefore, should be defined already in the library.

For each mechatronic component in the library, therefore, predefined contained components can be specified. In the following, the function groups Insert, Inspect, Store, Discard, and Move are always to be included in the Feeder component:

  1. Open the Feeder component.
  2. Highlight the subcomponents Store, Discard, Insert, Inspect, and Move.
  3. Using Drag & Drop, drag these subcomponents from the Library Catalog view to the Components editor area.