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EPLAN Engineering Configuration

EPLAN Engineering Configuration is an object-oriented development system for configurations of machines and plants.

The following figure is interactive. Click the elements in it to obtain information about the possibilities of EEC.

All relevant components of a machine or plant are therefore modeled as mechatronic and discipline-specific components and organized in libraries.

The discipline-specific components save references to contents from third-party systems or the contents themselves, for example macros from EPLAN Electric P8.

With the help of parameters and methods, rules can be created to influence the type and compilation of the components during the configuration.

For this configuration different user interfaces can be created. Depending on the requirements the interface is designed as a Gantt diagram, as a graphic diagram or similar to a website.

The configuration of a machine or plant is subsequently compiled by using the user interface. Then discipline-specific documents are created from this, for example schematics.