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Eplan.EplApi.DataModel.Graphics Namespace / ContactImage.Enums.DisplayMaskType Enumeration

In This Topic
    ContactImage.Enums.DisplayMaskType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Enum containing all possible setting of contact image.
    public enum ContactImage.Enums.DisplayMaskType : System.Enum 
    public enum class ContactImage.Enums.DisplayMaskType : public System.Enum 
    MarkQVW8192Underline cross-references of NC and change-over contacts.
    Rotate180262144Rotation: 180 degrees.
    Rotate90131072Rotation: 90 degrees.
    RotateQVW32Display cross-references vertically.
    ShowAllQVW64Display as symbol image.
    ShowAsTable2048Show in tabular form.
    ShowEmbeddedFrom33554432Display embedded form.
    ShowFirstArticle_Lower524288Display of 1st part: Below.
    ShowFirstArticleUpper4Display of 1st part: Above.
    ShowFirstTypeLower2097152Display of 1st part type: Below.
    ShowFirstTypeUpper1048576Display of 1st part type: Above.
    ShowNoLeftProperty16384Hide left-hand connection point description.
    ShowNoRightProperty32768Hide right-hand connection point description.
    ShowOnComponent16Display on component.
    ShowOwnQVW128Display own cross-reference.
    ShowSecondArticleLower8388608Display of 2ndt part: Below.
    ShowSecondArticleUpper4194304Display of 2nd part: Above.
    ShowSecondTypeLower16777216Display of 2nd part type: Below.
    ShowSecondTypeUpper8Display of 2nd part type: Above.
    ShowSymbols256Show symbols.
    ShowVertical2Arrange vertically.
    ShrinkText65536Decrease cross-references and connection point designations.
    SwapQVWVariant512Show cross-references on the left.
    Undefined0Undefined state.
    UserSettings1User-defined settings.
    UseVariableTable4096Table cross with variable length.
    This enum is defined as bit field. This mean that variable which contain data of this type can contain a set of values.
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