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Eplan.EplApi.DataModel Namespace / Page Class / NameParts Property

In This Topic
    NameParts Property (Page)
    In This Topic
    Gets/Sets the name of a page.
    public PagePropertyList NameParts {get; set;}
    property PagePropertyList^ NameParts {
       PagePropertyList^ get();
       void set (    PagePropertyList^ value);
    Cannot set name of the page
    Note: When using this property to set a page's name, it is not validated whether the value being set is correct and not yet existing in the project. Also if PAGE_COUNTER property is not specified, it is NOT set to a default value automatically. (Unlike when using SetName(PagePropertyList) method.) Changing identifying page properties, such as the higher-level function, DOES NOT rename all the DTs for the same higher-level function on the page as it is done when setting a page name in GUI. The property list being set may contain the following properties: · DESIGNATION_PLANT · DESIGNATION_SUBPLANT1 · DESIGNATION_SUBPLANT2 · DESIGNATION_SUBPLANT3 · DESIGNATION_LOCATION · DESIGNATION_SUBLOCATION1 · DESIGNATION_SUBLOCATION2 · DESIGNATION_SUBLOCATION3 · DESIGNATION_SUBLOCATION4 · DESIGNATION_SUBLOCATION5 · PAGE_COUNTER · PAGE_SUBCOUNTERER To check whether a property is a name property, please use PropertyDefinition::IsNamePart. For more information about page name syntax please see chapter 'Dialog Settings: DT syntax check' in Eplan documentation.
    Page pg;
    PagePropertyList pagePropList = new PagePropertyList();
    pagePropList.DESIGNATION_PLANT = "API_Test";
    pagePropList.DESIGNATION_LOCATION = "New_Schematic";
    pagePropList.PAGE_COUNTER = 002;
    pg.NameParts = pagePropList;
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