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The EPLAN Data Portal

The EPLAN Data Portal serves as an exchange portal between manufacturers of components and the designers of electrical engineering. It provides the master data of various manufacturers for downloading. In addition to alphanumeric parts data, this master data contains schematic macros, multi-language parts information, preview images, documents, etc. The data is directly integrated into the EPLAN platform during the download.

The Data Portal is available with the following variants of the EPLAN platform:

Access to the EPLAN Data Portal is provided for all EPLAN customers who have logged on as users of the Portal. Use of all the Portal functionalities, however, is only possible for EPLAN customers who are holding the proper license. You can use the following functionalities depending on the license:

Access rights



No access, account is blocked.

Guest access

Data search. After a logon in a browser it is possible to download commercial data and DXF files.

EPLAN Data Portal

Data search, with the option of downloading data.

EPLAN Data Portal Professional

Complete access to all functions:

  • Data search, with the option of downloading data
  • Saving filter schemes
  • Creating and assigning tags
  • Managing user groups
  • Accessories jump function
  • Importing external data into the shopping cart (.csv files)
  • Receiving and sending messages
  • Synchronizing parts data

After the installation of one of the variants listed above, the Data Portal is integrated into the EPLAN platform graphical user interface like in a "normal" Navigator dialog. Open the EPLAN Data Portal Navigator via Utilities > Data Portal.

In the case of users who have already downloaded data a message is displayed with the option of synchronizing the parts when EPLAN Data Portal has been started. All parts, that have been downloaded from the EPLAN Data Portal in advance, are checked for up-to-dateness. If there should be new administrative data, new macros or documents, you can choose which data to update. The Result of the up-to-date check can be viewed in the Settings at any time.


You must be connected to the Internet in order to use the EPLAN Data Portal; make sure that access is not de-activated by means of firewalls or other protective mechanisms! In case of problems, the error search should therefore first be carried out within the area of the firewall, the anti-virus tools, or the proxy settings.