This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

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New creation of discipline-specific components in the library

New discipline-specific components are created in the library via the context menu of any library. Using the ListOfComponents (1) discipline as an example, the menu selection (2) looks as follows:

The ListOfComponents consists of different discipline-specific components. In this example, it has three components:

The Body component looks as follows:

Discipline-specific components allow the user to integrate text-based files as a resource. Here, the body.txt file is integrated as an external resource.

A resource is the text basis of a discipline-specific object. As a rule, resources are small text fragments that are created automatically by the EEC for the project documents. Resources are linked to discipline-specific components via the Attributes editor page.

The chapter.txt file represents the chapters of the ListOfComponents. The text fragment can be viewed via the File editor page:

Essential characteristics of the text fragments are the control characters for the #{Heading} parameter and the (*{LOOP)*} collector for the subordinate components.