This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

You are here: Tutorial > SIMATIC Step 7 > Task 1 - Creating the Step 7 program for Feeder > Adding Step 7 discipline to the mechatronic model > Importing T_Step7_Ui library into T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem

Importing T_Step7_Ui library into T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem

To add the functions for the Step7 discipline to the T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem model, you will need to import the T_Step7_Ui library.

  1. Double-click to open the T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem library.
  2. Select the Imported libraries editor.
  3. Click .

The library finder now appears:

  1. Click [Search].
  2. Select the T_Step7_Ui library.
  3. Confirm with [OK].

  1. The modifications can be adopted by clicking the disk icon at the top left (or using the shortcut key [Ctrl] + [S]).

In the following, it is assumed that you save your modifications by the time you open the next object (disk icon top left or using the shortcut key [Ctrl] + [S]), and if not, by the time you see the prompt and click [Yes].