This functionality is only available for certain module packages.

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Importing EOX files for the Text discipline

Before you can edit the Text discipline, the T_Mechatronic_Architecture and T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem libraries created in the chapter ‘Mechatronic’ must be available.

If the T_Mechatronic_Architecture and T_Mechatronic_ModularSystem are not available, please import the following EOX file:


Proceed as follows to import the required EOX file:

  1. Start EEC
  2. Select File > Import....

The import wizard opens with the Import dialog:

  1. Select Model > Model data (EOX).
  2. Confirm via [Next >].
  3. Select the Add option in the Mode area.
  4. In the Source area, select the required EOX file.
  5. Select the required libraries.
  6. Confirm with [Finish].

The wizard is closed and the Synchronization view opened.

  1. Use to apply all incoming changes.