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EPLAN Smart Wiring is a browser-based client-server application with central web server that efficiently supports the process of installation of connections in the enclosure.

The application makes the connection information coming from the planning available to you as the finisher in digital form. The software is capable of visualizing the routing track of each connection to be installed from the source to the target in the enclosure as a 3D graphic, whereby different connection types such as Cable connections, Wires (single conductors), Wire jumpers and / or Hoses are considered.

You first determine whether the displayed routing connections are to be installed individually or one-by-one, then route and install each real connection in the enclosure and after each installation assign the status in the application.

The provision of project data on a central server allows multiple finishers to access a project data file at the same time - either to work on the basis of a project on multiple (identical) enclosures or to work together on one enclosure.

If particular features stand out during the installation work, you can inform your colleagues or the engineer via e-mail from the application.

If the manufacturing team has a responsible person whose task it is to check each routed connection after completion of the installation work, EPLAN Smart Wiring offers the possibility to activate a check mode. In this mode all routed connections can be identified as correctly or incorrectly installed.

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